UCSWorld N95 Mask without Respiratory Valve


  • Unparalleled protection form bacterial & viral particles
  • 5 Layers protection system
  • Hygienic & Reusable
  • Light weight designed
  • Flexible size & comfort fit
  • Large surface area for breathing



UCSWorld N95 mask without respiratory valve is premium quality mask with 5 layer of protection system. The product has been designed light weight and flexible which gives full comfort. There is large surface area for breathing. It is hygienic and reusable also. UCS N95 mask gives unparalleled protection from bacterial and viral particles.

  • ISO 9001-2015 certified
  • WHO-GMP Compliance
  • CE Compliance
  • FDA Compliance


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Mask type

N95 without respiratory valve

Layers Specification

Layer Material GSM
First Layer Non-woven fabric 50
Second layer Melt blown fabric 25
Third layer Hot air cotton 50
Fourth layer Melt blown fabric 25
Fifth layer Direct skin contact layer 25